Server Time: Tue 16:59:39 PM
Eye Aim To Kill 63
Github 32
ACaesar 30
Tezuka 11
Wakana 10



Basic Information

Max Level: 99/70 Exp Rates:50x Drop Rates:25x Normal Card:25% MvP Card:0.25%

Max Stats:99 Max Attack Speed:190 Language:English, Spanish, Filipino and French

EuphoriaRO is a NON-Renewal Server, Transcendent (2-2) Classes of jobs is available.


Server Features

Custom:Maps, Items, Costumes, NPC, Commands, Events and etc. We are going to give you more details and updates in the future! We will make sure that you won't miss any of it *wink*! *wink*!

Events: Euphoria Unknown Battle Ground (EUBG) An event that was base on Player Unknown Battle Ground known as(PUBG). We made a source for Ragnarok Version. (Winner Winner Peco Dinner!)

KoE/WoE A Guild vs Guild event. We will post an Event Schedule Update for every events soon!

Death Dice, Cluckers, Hourly & many more system will be implemented in-game! We are all VERY excited and can't wait to see you all in-game!